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The topic of sustainability is not only close to our hearts in terms of our business decisions, but also is reflected in our private interests and lifestyles. For this reason, we support the "Plant-for-the-Planet" foundation and the "Sharkproject" initiative.

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Our Goal
1 Coach = 1 Tree

1 Coach =
1 Tree

Founded in 2007 as the result of a school presentation by 9-year-old Felix Finkbeiner, Plant-for-the-Planet has since become a global movement. The vision: Children could plant a million trees in every country on earth to combat the climate crisis - and thus create CO2 compensation on their own, while adults only talk about it. Worldwide, 1 billion new trees are to be planted. According to scientists at the Crowther Lab in Zurich, Switzerland, this would give us a time buffer of just under 15 years to slow down climate change.

Marine Protection


A healthy ecosystem is the basis of all life on earth. Our oceans play a crucial role in this: they act as CO2 sinks and climate reservoirs. What most people don't know is that the shark is indispensable for the balance of the oceans - if it disappears, there will be irreversible consequences for the marine ecosystem. The initiative "Sharkproject" ( has made it its business to provide education and press work to highlight the importance of the shark. Their goal is, as the last chance for change, to teach the coming generation a sustainable way of treating our oceans.

Coachy Team


Lead developer of COACHY. He brings all his passion to the source code. Dennis founded the company in 2017 out of his own need, as there was no software solution for member areas on the market that was simple enough. He moved from Germany to Malta in 2014 and now lives in sunny Portugal.

Dennis Founder

Co-owner of COACHY and owner of another software company. He brings an extremely strong, entrepreneurial background and has never been employed in his life. He is fascinated by software solutions that make the world easier - which is exactly what attracted him to COACHY. Thomas loves being able to work regardless of location: he was already a "digital nomad" before the term even existed.

Thomas Technology & CFO

As COO, Laura manages the operational business at COACHY. She takes care of the development, implementation and control of our business processes - and also makes sure that everyone feels comfortable at work.

Laura loves to travel in her free time, especially outside of Europe. She captures the stories she discovers in pictures and words. As a child, she wanted to be a writer or designer, which is still evident today in her creative hobbies. 

Fun fact: When bored, she likes to count the letters of words she sees or hears. Some people find this funny, but we think little things like this make everyone on our team so special.

Laura Chief Operating Officer

Jorge is responsible for making our COACHY software more and more popular. He regularly comes up with new ideas for features to make the application even more intuitive and easy to use for our customers.

Rarely bored, he spends his free time building his Volkswagen bus “Rosti”, riding his motorcycle, or lately even taking off at the airfield.

By the way, Jorge doesn't like to be interrupted at all. Especially not from family or friends who know it annoys him. That's when he can quickly end the conversation. But who likes to be interrupted?

Jorge Marketing

If you decide to work with COACHY, you might get to know Fabian from our support team.

He is responsible for answering all kinds of questions and concerns from our customers and helps them via email as well as Zoom. He is also in close contact with our developers to pass on suggestions and requests from our users.

In his free time, he enjoys hiking and traveling around the world. ✈️ 

Fun Fact: In 2016, Fabian was in the office of a well-known personality from the television series Die Höhle der Löwen (German version of Shark Tank) where he pitched a business venture.

Fabian Support & Affiliates

Maria is our content manager and - as the name suggests – is responsible for the strategy and planning of our content.

She loves sports. Therefore, you can find her either on hiking trails, in the gym or on her horse. Curious by nature, she likes to try out new things and she absorbs new knowledge like a sponge. When she's bored, the next project is already waiting in the wings.

Fun fact: Maria has a birthmark that looks like a star.

Maria Content Management

Just like most of our team members, Lukas likes to travel around the world and enjoys being out in nature. Hiking or mountain biking are two of his favorite outdoor activities. Photography and playing the piano are also among his hobbies. 

At COACHY, Lukas supports our customers with their questions and is also responsible for a large part of our content - many of our blog articles and our newsletter content are written by him. 

Lukas Support

Jean is the Tech Lead for development projects at COACHY. Together with Paulo, he ensures that our team becomes more international. Should their German colleagues become too much for the two of them, they still have their secret Portuguese language.

By the way, Jean loves boardgames, roleplaying and enjoys reading books or comics.

Fun fact: He knows how to play La Cucaracha on the drums!

Jean Head of Software Development

Paulo is a software engineer and together with Jean and Dennis he drives the development of COACHY by implementing cool new features. 

Paulo has already lived in 30 different places and has just as many hobbies. He enjoys playing different musical instruments, sports (soccer, karting, scootering, skateboarding, martial arts), boardgames, online roleplaying games, and creating new culinary masterpieces.

Paulo Softwaredevelopment

Lyco keeps our team together and is responsible for the overall feel-good atmosphere in our team!

Lyco Chief Cuteness Officer

Our values



The environment is close to our hearts. That's why we practice sustainability not only in business but also in our interests and attitudes.



With COACHY, we provide a platform that makes it possible to earn money independent of location. You can lead a self-determined life, too.



Supportiveness and solidarity have a high priority for our decisions. In the team, but also the community. Become a part of it.



Professionalism is important to us. You can depend on our high level of reliability in our system and personal support.



User-friendliness is very important to us. Share your knowledge with the world quickly and easily - without technical skills or unnecessary extra clicks.

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