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Coachy Premium



Monthly Annual
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    The best StarStarStarStarStar  Support
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    6.000 Members UNLIMITED
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    50 GB Storage UNLIMITED
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    Custom Subdomain:
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    1 product/course (More for €8/mo*)
    1 product/course (More for €9/mo*)
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    Get 2 months free with annual plan
    – €84
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Coachy Premium Extras

  • Check Videos, Audios & Downloads Details
    You can use videos and/or audios with each lesson. You can also provide your members with downloads, e.g. relevant to a specific lesson.
  • Check Protection: 2-Factor Authentication Details
    With our 2-factor authentication, your members have no way to share their access and your content is well protected.
  • Check Temporary Download Links Details
    Your members cannot share the download links as they will expire automatically.
  • Check Custom Branding Details
    Create your own design. Upload your logo, favicon and select your branding color.
  • Check Creative Help: COACHY AI  
    COACHY AI generates a table of contents for your training and creates all your lessons automatically.
  • Check Custom App Details
    Offer your own app! Your members can use your app on their Apple or Android smartphone.
  • Check Basic Statistics Details
    Get statistics on the overall progress of your members.
  • Check Sequential Activation Details
    You can control the timing of your course content delivery.
  • Check Tracking Function Details
    Integrate Google Analytics, your Meta Pixel or other tracking codes.
  • Check Community Function Details
    Make lessons open for comments and link to your exclusive Facebook, LinkedIn, Slack, Xing or Telegram groups.
  • Check Autoresponder Integration Details
    Link your email marketing tool in just a few clicks.
  • Check Automatic Landing Pages Details
    Automatically create squeeze and sales pages for your courses.
  • Check Language in German or English Details
    Use your member area either in German or in English.


Coachy Deluxe



Monthly Annual
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    The best StarStarStarStarStar  Support
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    9.000 Members UNLIMITED
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    100 GB Storage UNLIMITED
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    Custom Subdomain:
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    3 5 products/courses (More for €8/mo*)
    3 products/courses (More for €9/mo*)
    + 2
  • Safe
    Get 2 months free with annual plan
    – €156
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Included PREMIUM Package included

Coachy Deluxe Extras

  • Check Access for 5 Employees Details
    Set up additional accesses for staff to manage your products.
  • Check Landing Page Builder 2.0 Details
    Easily create modern and mobile-optimized landing pages for selling your products.
  • Check Upsells and Downsells Details
    Create automatic 1-click upsells for your Digistore24 products and increase your sales.
  • Check Tests and Certificates Details
    Test your members' knowledge and automatically create a customized PDF file when they pass all tests or exams.
  • Check Restrict Training Contents Details
    Give access only to selected content of a training if you sell 1:1 coaching sessions, or if you don't want your employees to have access to certain chapters of a training.
  • Check Sell specific Chapters Details
    You can use it to sell one ore more chapters of a training cheaper so that members can upgrade to get access for full training. Or you use specific chapters as a freebie.
  • Check Advanced Pro Statistics Details
    Receive detailed statistics about the progress and status of your members.
  • Check Use Your Own Domain ** Details
    Connect your own domain using a CNAME record.
  • Check Zapier Integration Details
    Connect over 1500 other apps using Zapier. Use Paypal, connect your store system or automate other processes.
  • Check Role and Rights Management  
    Control the rights of your employees and assign only the functions and courses they need.
  • Check Popup Actions  
    Create popups for your members and inform them about new courses or special offers.
  • Check Use Your Own SMTP Server  
    Connect to your SMTP server and send all communication via your email address direct from COACHY.


Coachy Enterprise



Monthly Annual
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    The best StarStarStarStarStar  Support
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    15.000 Members UNLIMITED
  • Check
    150 GB Storage UNLIMITED
  • Check
    Custom Subdomain:
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    Unlimited trainings/products
  • Safe
    Get 2 months free with annual plan
    – €468
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Included PREMIUM Package included
Included DELUXE Package included

Coachy Enterprise Extras

  • Check Unlimited Employee Access Details
    Create additional accesses for your employees to manage your products.
  • Check External Employees / Companies  
    Define Userroles for external Employees and Companies, to hide all menus relevant for COACHY.
  • Check YouTube Livestreams Details
    Embed your YouTube livestream directly in your member area and choose exactly which members can see it.
  • Check Advanced Tagging Details
    Automatically assign tags to your members via your linked autoresponder when they complete a specific lesson or other action.
  • Check Priority Support Details
    Get priority support.

* Monthly price for annual payments. Prices do not include VAT. You can upgrade, downgrade or cancel your COACHY package at any time.

** For the connection of an external domain it is necessary to add a CNAME record. There is a one-time fee of € 25 plus VAT for setup.

The most important questions at a glance.

  • Can I change my COACHY package? Plus

    Sure, you can! You can downgrade or upgrade your package at any time. Find more information here.

  • Can I add more courses/products? Plus

    Yes, you can change the total number of courses/products anytime. The billing periods (monthly or yearly) will adapt to the billing periods of your member area.

  • How long is the cancellation period? Plus

    We do not have any cancellation periods! You can cancel your package at any time with just one click. Your cancellation will take effect at the end of the current billing period.

  • Do I need Digistore24, and does it cost anything? Plus

    If you want to sell your Courses/Products without worrying about payment processing and invoicing, you need a payment processor like Digistore24 or CopeCart. Creating an account is free - there are only fees in the form of commissions when you make a sale. More information.

  • Can I only use COACHY for videos? Plus

    No, you can also offer other digital products for download or host online events.

  • Can I use my own sales page? Plus

    Yes, you can. It doesn't matter where you create your sales page. If you link to your Digistore24 or CopeCart order form from your sales page, buyers will be automatically redirected to your member area.

    Learn more.

  • Do you offer GDPR-compliant order processing agreements? Plus

    Yes, of course! You can easily and quickly conclude this contract digitally with us. Simply log in to your member area, click on "Account" in the top right menu and select the "Order Processing" tab. There you can create a corresponding contract with just a few clicks.

    More info.

  • Do you offer a discount for non-profit organisations? Plus

    Yes, we do. Please get in touch with our support team.